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About Us                                    

  Our company has a vast experience in the sales and support of electric vehicles which goes back to the last 29 years, established in 1992 and counts numerous vehicles sold in our territory!


  This is the oldest company in our region and one of the oldest in Europe dealing exclusively with electric motion, focusing in quality and strong after sales support.


  Over the years we have provided our customers valid products through the distribution of leading manufacturers.


  We can supply parts for most leading manufacturers as well as top quality golf car batteries. Our after sales support has been awarded by leading manufacturers in the field!


  We have certified technical staff with wide experience in the field, all trained in USA! Our company has receiver four (4) International awards for the quality of service provided over all those years.

1992-2024 Celebrating 32 years in the pursuit of excelence in electric motion

Credit cards from most major companies are acceptable

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