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PC Buggies boast a wide range of electric vehicles


PC Buggies is an electric golf & utility vehicles division of Pro-ceed Ltd. Established in 1992, awarded with four (4) International awards; we specialize in the sales, repair and service of electric trucks, electric vehicles, electric tugs and a wide range of electric utility vehicles. PC Buggies has grown from year to year and has consistently improved its product offering of electric powered vehicles. At PC Buggies we are proud of ourselves on the overall customer experience and strive to maintain the stringent standards we set for our company.


1992-2024 Celebrating 32 years in the pursuit of excellence in electric motion

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PC Buggies takes pride in being an established, international company that can provide 1st class service, back-up and spares in a fast, efficient manner. We are constantly striving to supply the broadest range of electric vehicles available in South Europe.


We pride ourselves on specialist solutions for a specific customer’s applications. Please contact us so we can work with you in providing you a solution for your electric vehicle needs.

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